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Blue River Fly Classic
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Monday, January 11, 2010

Best Coffee On The River

If you're ever on the river at the same time Ralph and the Ruff Diamond is and you find yourself in need a good cup of coffee, chances are you're going to get one. All you have to do is knock on the door of the Ruff Diamond and when Ralph or Charlotte answer they'll know why you are there. Ralph is devising even a better plan to make sure all of us cold weather anglers always have a supply of hot java just in case he's not there. Tell you more about that later.

At work this morning I busted tail because at the river fishing and drinking a cup of Ralph's coffee was the place for me. Calling the boss at 10:45 this morning a request for a half day vacation was submitted and much to my delight old buddy boss said no problem. By noon the Prairie Schooner was rolling into the parking lot where the Ruff Diamond was parked.

I thought there was no one home at the Diamond because mistakenly I thought Charlotte had accompanied Ralph and since their car was gone it was assumed they were out and about. Heading downstream the plan was to fish those waters and work my way up bit by bit.

Standing on the bank at Seventeen I was surprised by the steady unrelenting wind. For sure I thought the weather forecaster this morning said light southeast winds during the day. But at Seventeen the wind was, to say the least, copious.

Since already there I stepped into the brew to see what would take place. Seventeen wasn't very kind to me today and two bows would be all she would yield. I have a suspicion that Seventeen might not be producing as well now as earlier. My belief is as water temperatures plunge, many of the bows will concentrate and hold just upstream in the deeper water around the boulder. At least... this seems to be my experience in years past.

The water was really cold today with patches of ice here and there on the river. There were a number of fair sized ice balls still trying to hang on to their existence and some were doing rather well.

My next stop was Glory Hole where the wind situation was better but the catching was about the same. Leaving Glory Hole, having met only two more bows, I headed for the Ruff Diamond and that expected cup of coffee.

Back at the Ruff Diamond it still looked like no one was home so I decided to fish Cottonwood Pool by the crossing but upon getting there discovered another angler had already claimed this jewel. The rock across the river was open so there I headed and once arriving the angler fishing Cottonwood gave me a shout... it was Ralph!

We chatted a bit across the river but Ralph didn't fish too long because he said he had to get the coffee on which was welcome news to my ears. I told Ralph to expect me shortly and I stayed on the rock long enough to catch an even dozen. My goodness were the strikes ever so light today and there were lots of missed opportunities.

The flies used today were the soft hackle, crackleback, disco midge, and wooly bugger. All with the exception of the disco midge battled bows and the soft hackle was the Lancelot of today's band of Knights.

At the Ruff Diamond, Ralph and I talked mainly about fly-tying and fly-fishing but then came the subject of his new coffee plan. Ralph is still looking for that twenty cup coffee pot and once he finds it he plans on placing it on a table outside a window on the Ruff Diamond. He's going to slide a drop cord out the window to heat the coffee, provide cups for the coffee and for those of us who have to pet our coffee the stuff to do just that will most likely be available.

Never have I asked Ralph his secret to making coffee and figure I never will... but it's the best coffee on the river, by far.

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Paul Freeman said...

Great read Barry and I will be on the river tomorrow with Charlie. Will let you know how we do. Take care Barry!