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Blue River Fly Classic
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Monday, February 4, 2008

Striping With A Five Foot Four Inch Brunette

I have been striping with a five foot four inch brunette here of late. No, no, no...not the going-native nature boy kind of striping but rather striping buggers. Carol, being the five foot four inch brunette, is a ball of fun to fish with. She has the most positive attitude of perhaps anyone I have ever known. Rarely does she complain, unless the fish are not biting and then about every five minutes I can expect, "I'm not catching anything." But, nontheless, Carol is a trooper that will wade every inch of the river in search of piscatory combatants.

I haven't always striped with brunettes. It wasn't so long ago I was striping with a six foot blond.

Striping with six foot blondes certainly have their advantages. For one thing six foot blondes are very adapt at retrieving flies from tree limbs when that task would be difficult for a person...well, let's just say... my height. Another advantage to striping with six foot blondes is that they cast long shadows which serves as a most excellent sun-shade on those bright, rather warm and steamy afternoons. And lastly, when you are at five foot seven, graying, and aging, you look rather darn good standing in a river with a fourty year old six foot blond. Now, it may very well be true that blondes have more fun, but that doesn't neccesarily mean that blondes are more fun to be with...and so it was with me in striping with that six foot blond. No, I don't think all blonds are dumb by no means. However, the few I have known in my life have all seem to suffer from attention deficit disorder. I still liked them though.

I've never striped with a redhead, in a fly-fishing sense, and man do I ever have a thing for redheads. There's just something about that auburn flow against the porcelain skin that clicks my trigger. Show me a redhead and I'll begin to salivate like Pavlov's dog did when he heard that bell. Would I strip with a redhead? Well, heck yeah!

These days it's just not brunettes, blondes, and redheads...there are multi-colored hair girls. I saw one the other day that was jet black on top with purple endings. Would I strip with her? Sure! Hey, the goth chick might bring a whole new dimension to my striping life.

The fact is it doesn't matter if it's a brunette, blond, redhead, or multi-colored. For the most part my frisky days are behind me and these days striping a bugger is just about as exciting as striping period.

But, with that said, I think I'll keep the brunette just in case.

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David said...

My SO is a red head, but doesn't have the slightest interest in striping with me...or, for that matter, even going to Colorado with me because she is afraid of heights. So, I fish alone most of the time and I'm 6'0 and greying also...