Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
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Saturday, March 1, 2008

One Mans Trash Not Another's Treasure

When Carol and I arrived in the parking lot of the south wilderness area this morning we were greeted with this unsightly mess.

Now, I don't know what Bozo would do this but I certainly hope he isn't planning on a career with the NBA. My God...if he can't hit a trash can from less than two feet away he will certainly never be able to dunk the round ball.

I took the time to pick the trash up and put it in the can and hopefully whoever lay behind this deed will read this post. And , if you you I say "Your trash is not treasure to any of the rest of us".

It's both amazing and puzzling to me why people lay their trash and refuse on our Mother Earth. However, with each passing year I seem to encounter more and more of it. It is found not only on the banks of the river, but in the river, along the trails, and in the campsites. Campsites that have readily available trash receptables are often littered with artifacts of modern man. Carol and I have made it a habit to carry small plastic bags to pick up what we can while fishing and here of late we both have realized that we need bigger bags.

I have often said that humankind is destructive. As a matter of fact I think the only thing in the world that is more destructive than a new puppy. And it just so happens I have one of those little son-a-bitches at the house now...courtesy of Miss Carol. I swear...I do believe this pup could chew a sixteen penny nail in half and I fully expect one day soon to come home and find most of the living room walls chewed down. But you know... I think that wouldn't bother me near as much as seeing our pretty little river trashed.

I can always remodeled my living room.

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