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Blue River Fly Classic
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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Review Of The L L Bean Wader Review

It's been almost a year now since I purchased a new set of waders and chose L L Bean. Upon receiving my new waders I wrote a review here on this blog because there existed quite a discussion about high end waders versus cost effective waders. The review I wrote was very favorable for my cost effective L L Bean's and you may ask whether my opinion has changed after a year. Well, here's the review of my L L Bean wader review.

I still like them! I've worn them at least fifty times by now, been through thickets, thorns, briars, and even met a couple of broken tree limbs and I'm still high and dry - not a single leak. Now, that's saying a lot for a pair of waders worn by yours truly because I tend to be haphazard and rough on stuff.

Back in November I purchased a cost effective pair of L L Bean wading shoes and the verdict is still out on these puppies. I like them but they have yet give me the sense of being real sturdy and durable. Time will tell and I'll certainly pass on information about these wading boots.

So, after a year the "cost effective", "I told you so", "I'd spend $300.00 on a good pair Barry" L L Bean waders are doing just fine and my skinny butt is dry in the river.

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