Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Monday, December 6, 2010

Calling It Quits

After exchanging with Charlie this afternoon... it's time to bring the Carp Crusades of 2010 to an end.  It's been one helluva ride.

We're not going to get anywhere near the goal that this ol' fool threw down at the carp.  A lot of excuses could be made, but none are.  There were just many things not considered when it was suggested to Charlie we go for 250 before the end of the year.

Never did I consider that there would be downtime and indeed there was.  Charlie had travels to make, and then I pretty much was immobile with vehicle repair for three or four days.  Then... Charlie returns home and trots down to Rock Creek and captures three carp with ease.  Looked like it was all going to plan!  But... never did Charlie or I dream he would return to the hospital for the one of the things we were hoping to avoid with the Carp Crusade. 

Things happen, life turns, and sometimes we have to live life on life terms.  Now... Charlie is going to go on further travels.  In addition, I totally miscalculated the sun this time of year, and quite truthfully we are fishing in shade most of the day. 

Most importantly... the one thing that escaped my throw-down was the call of Lady Blue.  Hell... it's trout season... and you know we have to be there, with the pretty little lady that holds the pretty fish. 

There was a hint in the exchange today that Merc might be coming soon, and, if so, there will most likely be a trio of Lady Blue love struck fly fishers... wading the pleasures she offers time after time. 

Actually, I am relieved that we've decided to give the carp a rest.  We wore them out this spring and summer, and a much-needed-rest... the carp do need.  Besides, there's a book to write.

The book is already written for all purposes.  We just need to put it all together.  When and once we do, we think readers will discover, quite early in the read, that this is a book that's not just about fly fishing for carp, but a book about a fly fishing friendship. 

The book will be revealing and personal.  Readers will learn of the bentwood chair in the dim lit room.  The prose will shout of the doubt, the hope, jubilation, set-backs, and lastly the friendship that fly fishing can bring.

Winter is a good time for writing... and a good time to spend on the river Blue.

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