Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Most Beautiful Day

Twelve days had passed since last visiting the river Blue.  The winter storm kept anglers in shackles, locking us in our warm shelters and preventing us from getting to or on the water.

It was a miserable time for me, so naturally I was excited in turning the prairie ponies in the direction of the river, and trout that awaited therein.  Getting a really late start I wouldn't arrive to the designated spot until after ten o'clock this morning.  Upon arriving there were already eight other schooners hailing from Oklahoma, Texas, and Idaho.  Hello Idaho! Under my breath I'm sure I uttered "holy crap", but then I asked myself, "Why wouldn't anyone expect anglers to be out on a day as beautiful as this?"

And... on what a beautiful day it was.  The hike to the fishing waters took about twenty minutes and I passed snow-packed banks that revealed footprints of the wonderful community of wildlife that makes Blue river their home.  I recognized the tracks of deer, coyote, and raccoon, and a couple of prints of smaller animals I wasn't familiar with.

Making it to the fishing hole, a particular pattern in a particular color was tied on and cast into the sea.  This pattern would be the only one I would use today.  The river was up slightly today... not much, but still up and that is welcoming.  I think the river was as beautiful and inviting as I've seen her in quite some time.

The bows were in pockets and I made it a rule not to over-fish any pocket today, setting a three fish limit.  Three fish, leave them be, and head to the next pocket.  
I moved at a much slower pace today and took a lot of long breaks simply sitting on the snow covered banks and taking in all the beauty.

Two hours into the trip I touched bow number seventeen... and this seem to be enough.  Usually I tend to under-dress, but today I definitely over-dressed.  I don't know what the temperature was at noon when I decided to walk out, but I'm guessing around fifty degrees.

Giving thanks I leave the river.  What a beautiful day.

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