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Blue River Fly Classic
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Monday, March 28, 2011

Carpin' Can Wait - Praying For Rain

There are two new Elk Hair Caddis patterns patiently resting in the fly box dedicated to the pursuit of carp by fly.  I say patiently resting, but, I could very well be wrong. 

Several times this past weekend I opened that fly box to have just one more look at the flies and it almost seemed like, each time, the Elk Hair's were screaming, "Put me in coach... just put me in!" 

Alas, they will have to wait.  An early springtime cold front pushed across the prairie ocean last Friday sending temperatures plummeting thirty to forty degrees lower than the days of the week prior. 

Springtime promises.

Spring on a carp creek.

The sudden change in weather comes at a time when there was warming signs of spring and a time that the carpin' seem to be really picking up steam. 

For sure, the cooler weather is most unpleasant to this carp by fly angler,  after being so delightfully teased by warming rays and fresh scents of new life.  Today, the temperature struggled to reach fifty degrees; the sky was a thick, heavy, dull pewter color.  Perfect trout weather... but, for carp... it's not so good. 

However, there could very well be a wonderful blessing with this cold snap.  Cold fronts in spring usually mean rain - oh, how we need the rain.

Currently the prairie ocean is running about three inches below normal in rainfall.   The streams, creeks, and rivers that act as the seafaring currents are in great need of some fresh inflow. 

The local creek that Charlie and I fly fish for carp is currently running at ten cubic feet per second compared to a normal stream flow of thirty cubic feet per second for this time of year.  Nearby, the river Blue is running at forty cubic feet per second compared to the normal seventy. 

Yes, we need the rain and hopefully it will come soon.  As much as I love carpin' by fly... I much rather have the rain right now.

There are a lot of good things we offer prayer for - rain, oftentimes, is a good thing.

If only Burt Lancaster could come back for an encore performance of The Rainmaker, on this drought prone prairie ocean.

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