Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Carp Redux 2011 - Carp On Glass

It's hard to recall another time that it's taken the creek so long to start clearing.  Here we are, almost a week after the much needed rain and the creek is still quite dingy.  By no means am I saying the creek is beyond fishing, however, it's a difficult situation when sight fishing for carp.

We are quite thankful for the rain we received, but, this spring season has been a strange one indeed.  The wind has become absolutely ridiculous and if it's a result of La Nina, El Nino, La El Nina Nino or whatever, I wish they would get gone for a good, good while.

Although it's difficult for the angler to see the carp in these conditions, the carp seem quite able to see us.  When it comes to the seeing game, the carp certainly seem to have an advantage.  So even with the water being quite off, we still need to make use of the tools nature offers, such as native grasses, and use them as camouflage. 

I believe Saturday could have been a good carp by fly day even with the off water conditions, if the wind hadn't shown up.  When we have off water and add wind strong enough to create an almost constant riffle, it adds up to a very long day trying to capture carp by fly.

Saturday I carried an Eagle Claw Featherlight.  I don't fish the Featherlight often, or any glass rod as a matter of fact, and for the life of me I do not know why I don't.  Glass is wonderfully sweet.  It would be quite easy for me to forever fall in love with the feel of glass rods and I may just migrate to that discipline... sooner rather than later.  Probably, like many, I've grown accustomed to the lighter graphite rods and how their lighter weights keep from wearing me out. But, glass is indeed sublime. 

My timing was a fortunate situation Saturday, getting on the creek about an hour after sunrise and half hour before the tormenting wind showed up.  With the Crazy Charlie I roped a carp in fairly shallow water.  This youngster carp put a good bend in the glass and brought a smile to this old wrinkled face.  But, the relentless wind wouldn't stop and my smile soon flip-flopped as I give in to the blowhard gods of nature's breath. 

Older guys like me, quite often enjoy taking siestas and after having a rather good one I decide to return to the creek to further pursue the carp. 

With the same Crazy Charlie, the second carp of the day was lassoed by waiting the fish out until he came to the shallows.   


This may very well be my last posting regarding carping by fly.  I have reason to believe the killers have found our precious carp water.  Killers do what they do for the joy they find in simply killing.  They kill not to harvest, but, kill just to be killing.  I guess somehow it makes them feel mighty, tough, superior, and they actually get some kind of rush from their senseless acts.  I don't like killers and I figure they don't like me, so that makes us even.  But, I'll be damned if I give them any information that will help them pursue their wanton taking of life.

It saddens me that sharing the joy carping by fly brings to me along with my friend Charlie with others who share the same passion will come to an end.  No, I won't stop pursuing these wonderful creatures and I'll continue to keep a close eye on the creek. 

A really close eye on the creek.   


McTage said...

It is a terrible fear of mine as well. No objection whith those few that harvest carp for food - but the idea of my blogging inadvertantly helping those that kill carp for the heck of it makes me want to vomit.

Barry said...

Yeah McTage, it certainly turns the stomach. Sounds like you are doing well chasing the golden ones. Good fishing to you.