Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Conversations With Carp - Little Less Talk, Lot More Action

Charlie has done most of the scouting here of late and yesterday I felt like it was my time to step up and help out in the scouting department.  Of course, the fly rod went along just in case. 

For the most part, I can tell you my scouting expedition was a big flop.  Never have I been on the creek in search of a communication channel with the carp under such poor conditions.  There was the rather strong wind, an completely dark and sullen overcast sky, an already blurred creek, blossoms that were quickly weaving a blanket on the surface, a new set of amber colored polarized glasses that are not working, and then... the pickpockets of the prairie ocean - those lovely, but aggravating pan fish.

All these things came together yesterday to form a perfect storm of frustration and strained eyesight in the hope of striking up a conversation with the carp. 

Not to say I didn't have opportunity - I did.  Several opportunities came my way, and with each offering of opening a dialogue sent to the carp the pan fish would intercept the call picking off the fly and alerting the carp. 

There was one carp that sticks out.  This fish was sipping blossoms off the surface, but his location, underneath some over-hanging tree limbs prevented me from offering him a dry pattern.   At the time I had a Mysis Shrimp pattern tied on and I could side roll cast that fly where it would land about two feet upstream from his position.  Therefore, I flipped the fly that direction. 

The fish immediately took notice and quickly rushed to the falling shrimp.  I swear, I saw the fly enter the center of this fishes mouth and straight down the gullet, but upon employing the hook-set the fly cleared completely.   This is the third time in a matter of days my hook-point has failed to find flesh and I am beginning to believe these creatures are still a little on the lethargic side.  Their sucks seem lackluster and lack the volume that usually occurs. 

Staying with the Mysis I show it to another carp and this fish circles on it but can't find it.  Another cast made and losing sight of the fly I go into blind-set mode.  Soon, the tell-tale movement in the line and pressure felt tells me to set the hook.  Finally a fish on.

A youngster carp comes to hand and is quickly released back to the stew. 

I think it's still a little early for these fish.  Charlie and I are about two weeks ahead of our regular starting time for carp season.  Right now it's more talk than action.  

Hopefully, with the warm weather and warming water temperature the conversation and action level will increase soon.


Gregg said...

Good for you Barry,

We have encouraging carpin as the water rises to say 49f, especially if fast. Above 50F I put nothing by them, in other words, they seem capable of anything. However, carp being carp, who knows? My nemesis here are stocked trout, some very large ugly flabby things with no fins, sometimes those peroxide blonde ones the baitfishers love. Same thing, cast to a carp and had a trout screw things up badly, especially if I use an egg tie, large or small. One pond has trout that are wild, how they got there is a mystery, only a few, but hot wild fighting fish when hooked. Often we must muscle them in as the water is warm.


Barry said...


The water temperature seems to be rising slowly with each warm day we have. The carp have become more active, but still not feeding at the rate they will, say, several weeks from now. I remain hopeful. Lots of rain coming our way in the next couple of days.

Devin Angleberger said...

Sounds nice, I also got out for some Carpin' earlier last week, corn was the ticket. Got one at about five pounds, not big Carp but a big fish anyday.