Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Conversations With Carp - Hot Topic

It is certainly heating up here on the prairie ocean and late in the afternoon around four or five is just too hot to fish.  Being somewhat beyond myself in wanting to hold discussions with the carp I decided to take a lunch hour today because the heat is still tolerable around the noon hour.

At the creek I decide to put Charlie's Biter Critter back in action.  Upstream from my position is a feeding carp and the Biter Critter goes sailing about twenty feet out and landing eight inches in front of the fish.  The carp sucks the fly right away and the conversation begins.

This one carp seem to satisfy my itch and not wanting to be off the clock anymore than I had to, I returned to work figuring this would be a one carp day.

However, around five this afternoon I received a carp hunter's blessing.  The sky darkened and became completely overcast hiding the sun.  The temperature dropped a good five degrees or more.  Within fifteen minutes I was on the creek.

The overcast sky created low-light conditions and most of us that hunt carp do not particularly like low-light situations. But, on the creek everything seemed perfect.  It was remarkable how clearly I could see and within thirty minutes I would bring four more carp to hand using the Biter Critter.

The carp were feeding in a shallow pasture of water we call the Bend.  Gently rolling the Critter out in front of the carp I would watch with a smile on my face as I could see the carp eat the fly.  Fishing the first four carp encountered, each one would swim to the fly and flare the gills.  It was almost too easy.

Wanting to go for carp number six of the day was squashed when the lightning started flashing, so I left the creek a happy, giddy carp hunter. 

Charlie's Biter Critter was today's hot topic of discussion.

Charlies Biter Critter quickly becoming unraveled.


Trevor Tanner said...

The one summer I stayed in Norman over the summer break you couldn't even stand to be outside until 5 or 6 PM. Must really be a challenge at times. And is it my imagination or are your creek carp getting a little bigger this year?

Barry said...

You were in Norman? How cool, wish we could have met back then and fished. Yes, the carp are growing. Saw two yesterday that would probably go twenty pounds. They stay in the deeper water it seems and are smart sapsuckers.

Gregg said...

I was going to suggest something similar. Very nice shoulders on several of those fish. I've been in your neck of the woods thanks to the US Army, found a spring creek on a day leave outside Ft. Leonard Wood with stocked trout mixed with proper sunfish. The trout just seemed alien. Saw no carp, had to be there.