Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Sunday, September 9, 2012

An Essential For Fly Outing Gear List

A gear list is a good idea whenever we are planning an extended or all day fly fishing outing.  On the gear list I keep there is a section for food or snacks.  Fare is vital so we can refuel our body while wading and catching battalions of trout, carp, bass or other species. 

This past week I added a menu item on my essential gear list.  The addition comes in the form of Larry the Cable Guy Cheeseburger flavored potato chips.  I'm telling you boys and girls, cram a handful of these chips in your mouth and the flavor of a cheeseburger with pickle pops right away, sending your taste buds into overdrive sending signals to the brain for more, more, more.

Larry will tell us, "These flavors will knock out the snack cravin's like a cop kickin' down a trailer door." 
Now, I know I'm not an "ish" kind of guy, not trendy at all.  Many of the younger fly fishing crowd will carry organic trail mixes, wasabi, or dehydrated this dehydrated that.  But for me, I want the thin slices of starch, fried in grease, and showered with salt, artificial flavorings and preservatives. Of course my cardiologist will have his own coronary when he learns of my constant stuffing of these chips, and I'll simply have to say to him, "No knock it until you try it". 
When it comes to the true pleasures of life, I think the Larry the Cable Guy tater chips rank up there with trailer park speed dating. 
Git r' done!

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