Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dear Carp - January 27th, 2013

Dear Carp,

I came to your home on this gloomy day in hopes that a conversation with one of you would brighten my spirit the weather has dulled.  This morning was a thick and sticky foggy occasion.  The sun did not break through the overcast at anytime today. 

The darkened skies, along with the southerly wind causing a solid riffle on the surface gave you and your kind a good advantage today. 

But, even if these things hadn't been present I would have fell to you in defeat regardless - a defeat that I certainly suffered today. 

Shortly after arriving at your home I spotted one of your citizens that had a good number of wise years accumulated.  He was a brawny beast. 

I offered him a yellow winged and brown bodied Critter.  He liked it.  He liked it so much he took it with him snapping my line with ease and handily defeating me. 

Tying a natural colored Critter on next, the second citizen of the day and I would connect.  This chap would also defeat me with the aid of a brush pile. 

Looking into the offering box there was only one Critter left and of course it went on the line.  The third citizen could easily been seen for he was in the shallows.  The Critter landed a foot or so in front of him.  He rushed to the offering, opened his mouth and sucked.  As I went for the connection the fly and leader sailed above me becoming entangled high in a tree.  Not only was the Critter sacrificed, the leader was dismantled.

You defeated me this afternoon and you are always humble in victory.  Of course, I try to be gracious in defeat, but never quitting is a large part of me.  I left your home to return to my prairie place.

At my home I begin to take my waders off, but then changed my mind.  At the tying desk two Critters were quickly fashioned.  A new leader was unpacked and assembled on the fly line.  I headed back to your home.

Although your victories were grand today my reward for returning would be equally nice.  A shadow of one your citizens could be seen below the riffled surface.  A yellow winged, burnt orange bodied, with pumpkin colored legs went to him.  I could see him move toward the offering, but could not see his mouth.  My gut kicked in and I went for the connection.  Our conversation begin.

This citizen was of a slightly different order than the most of your community and he was indeed a fine looking fellow. 

By now it was late afternoon and I still had to keep my promise to you by removing more trash from your home.  Today, I would go to the middle of where you live to reach down deep in the water and remove something that certainly doesn't belong. 
As I said earlier, you are always humble in your victories and I must tell you that I am humbled by your victories.  This is a good thing though because it reminds me of your power and just how grand you are. 
Prairie Ocean Fly Fisher 


Gregg said...


It seems if you keep this up you'll be known as Barry and his Creek Critter, or such as McTage=trouser Worm, or Me=Egg, John M=Soft Hackle. You have a winner! I would embarrass myself if I told you what my psyche tells me to bring to every trip.


Barry said...


It's a good fly no doubt. Charlie deserves the credit for coming up with this wonderful little offering. I saw some of your eggs on McTage's site and they are beautiful and so were the other patterns.