Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dear Carp - Unanimous Decision

Dear Carp,

If the ring-side judges had been positioned at the fringe of your home today, they would have declared a unanimous decision for you and your kind declaring you the victor.  Thanks for the arse kicking.

In round one I choose to lead with the original Aftermath gift I tied some weeks ago.  With the brightly colored body, appetizing worm tail at one end, and the tantalizing fibers that undulate, this gift is hard for any fish to refuse.  It's a Trojan horse of sorts. 

With the Aftermath I threw the first punch, but evidently the punch was quite faint.  The citizen that took that blow threw a counterpunch and it was hard enough to knock the Aftermath out of commission and the gift became the property of that citizen. 

In round two I choose an olive Curiosity with brown tail and targeted a rather large citizen of your community.  With a long distance haymaker that missed it's mark, this citizen decided to catch me off guard and claim victory in round two by knocking out my second contender.

I was well behind in the early rounds, so for round three I tied on a brand new Aftermath that had just been created about an hour prior.  In this round I would begin to make a comeback and was able to put a younger citizen on the mat.

When the bell sounded for round four I was feeling quite confident as I sent the Aftermath out into the middle of the ring.  I took a hit and as I counterpunched, the Aftermath came sailing out of the ring and landed high in a tree where, unfortunately, this pugilist was lost.
I then threw in the towel.  My arse had been kicked. 
It's good for the angler to have a good old fashion arse kicking every once in a while.  A arse kicking knocks us off that high and haughty horse we sometimes ride when we begin to think we can come to you and capture you at will. 
An arse kicking is also good for the angler because once we accept our defeat we can spend more time enjoying the beauty that surrounds us.  Today, I took great pleasure in simply admiring the trees and the fine details they own. 
As I sit under the tree with a refreshing breeze cooling the summer-like temperatures I enjoyed a most delightful musical courtesy of the birds above.  Never have I heard the birds put on such a wonderful concert. 
My friends, I do not know when I will return for a rematch.  The mercantile store is still robbing me of much time and it's time I miss so much.
Of all the time with you that I am denied as a result of my servitude at the store I think the time I miss the most is that time I find myself standing at the fringe of your home as day breaks. 
Maybe soon I can stand there again.
Prairie Ocean Fly Fisher

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