Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
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Monday, September 23, 2013

Dear Carp - Arrival Of Autumn

Dear Carp,

Sunday announced the arrival of the autumn season and it was with great gladness I found myself standing at the fringe of your watery home for the third Sunday in a row. 

Although I knew my time would be a mere whit of an outing, still there was an ease and gentleness with the cool air that autumn brought this morning.  This mornings temperature was 59 degrees and that is a wonderful reprieve to the muggy and sticky high 70's we've been encountering in the hours before dawn. 

I was surprised to find so many of you in suspended fashion so early in the day.  My hope was to find one of you grazing as I often do, but as hard as I searched no grazers were found.

On this Sunday morning the gift I would bring to you was one cactus chenille Creek Critter.  I put the gift in the drink and watched for the telegraph signal in the line and there it was. 

The citizen that claimed the gift offered wasn't a large member of your community, but he thought he was refusing to yield time after time. 
He took me through a really compromised area of this sea current and before our encounter was over we were both battle worn wearing part of the creek on ourselves.
Shortly after saying so-long to this fine lad, I received a dispatch informing me to return to the workplace and therefore I parted company with the wonderful lot of you.
My friends, Charlie will be returning soon from Mexico and he has already shared with me his intentions of coming to you.  It should be a grand reunion. 
Soon I will traveling to North Carolina to visit other fellows that are similar to your kind.  When I return I will come to you with grand stories... hopefully.
Take care grand ones.
Prairie Ocean Fly Fisher


Robin said...

thank you for that gentle piece of writing sir.

Gregg said...

Your carp have a pretty yellow tinge, love it! Good stuff Barry.