Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Sunday, March 2, 2014


Discovery can often be interesting and rewarding unless the discovery you make is that your waders have sprung a good-size leak.  Such was the case for me on my last outing to Blue River.  Within seconds after entering the river I felt my right leg becoming quite soaked.  However, the leak wasn't enough to stop me from fishing even though the way the afternoon turned out it may have been better if I had stopped.

At Desperado Springs, I fished along with seven other anglers.  All of them were using bait from what I could see.  Four of the anglers were on the east side where I was at and the other three was across the way in plain sight.  In the two hours I was there I never saw a fish brought in and I would only manage three myself.  And, those three came within the first twenty minutes - after that it was nothing.

However, I kept looking upstream at a fair sized pool that I've never seen anyone fish.  I knew there had to be trout in that water, but getting to the pool was what I couldn't figure out.  I left my perch at Desperado and went to look for a trail, which I found.  The trail led me to the pool I had questions about, but when I got to where I wanted to be, the water looked deep and I could only wade out a few feet.  There is fish at this pool and I caught a bow on the first cast.  After that initial bow, the wind came up and my roll cast simply wouldn't cut throw the hardy breeze.

This new discovery warrants further investigation and I hope to take fellow anglers, who are much taller than I, and maybe they can figure out a way to navigate this pool.  I stayed on the river about another hour and picked up three more bows, but that would be my day.  The new fish counting fish-o-meter, courtesy of Scott Dittner and Michael Mercurio tells the story.
Before leaving the area I stopped by and asked Scotty to deposit the funds from the Fly Classic and in turn write the check to the wildlife department.  Speaking of discovery, the Fly Classic showed us that there are a lot of good and fine people that attend and pitch in to help make the event a success.


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