Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sharing The Thrill

I came to know Dusty Gilles several years ago through fly fishing at Blue River.  We both love the trout season at Blue, but once that ends we seek out other species.  About a month ago Dusty made a trek to the North Canadian to see if the sand bass had begin to run.  Instead of finding sand bass he encountered carp at a confluence of smaller creek with the Canadian. 

Dusty wrote me afterwards telling how he threw what he had at the carp but they weren't buying it and asked for a little information on fly fishing for these grand ones.  Writing Dusty back I told him how Charlie and I approach the carp, what their nature tends to be, and how to present a fly to this ever-so-smart fish.  Then, I went to the tying bench and churned him some flies and got them in the mail.

Dusty took the flies to the river with him yesterday and sent the results shortly thereafter.  He wrote that the first carp he caught took him into his backing and that was something he'd never experienced before. 

I would suggest that Dusty is the one that got hooked.



Gregg said...

He will never be the same, good job Dusty!


Anonymous said...

I could use some help myself. I dabbled in fly fishing for carp many years ago, before I joined the army. Recently I have picked it up again. For the last 2 months I've been fishing hard for carp with no luck. I'm sightfishing but I'm dealing with muddy water. Nevertheless I'm pretty sure I've put the fly on the 'dinner plate" numerous times to no avail. I've tried numerous patterns but I think I need to go more realistic and less impressionistic. I flyfish for carp almost exclusively at Lake Thunderbird as the fish are numerous and easy to spot. I'm going to start going smaller and pitching more black colored nymphs. Any pattern suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Barry said...

Hello Cooper! There are a good number of fly fishers for carp that use damsel type patterns and they often tie in some rubber legs to go with it. Look up the Backstabber pattern and since your fishing muddy water go with the darker color schemes. A pattern that has worked well here is the Aftermath which is a headstand fly. I think the worm tail on this pattern is what attracts the carp. Follow John Montana at Carp On The Fly and you'll see the headstand pattern he uses. Let me know when your luck changes.

Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for the quick reply and the tips. I've tied a couple of John Montana's Hybrid Flies but I've yet to try that Headstand fly (saw it on FlyCarpin) so I will definitely do that and experiment with some darker colors. I couldn't find any pictures of an Aftermath but I think I can tie something that matches the description you gave and I'll look more closely at John Montana's blog as well as try darker colors. I will certainly let you know when my luck changes. Thank you again for taking the time to share some of your wisdom with me. I enjoy the blog and hope you will keep it up.

Barry said...

You'll find a pic of the Aftermath here.