Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
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Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Answer My Friend

For many fishing, the November 2008 trout derby on Saturday, the answer my friend was left blowing in the wind. However, there were a few that preservered the rough and raw conditions and made a good showing for the fly fishing community.

For Carol and I, our trip to the trout derby begin on Friday night to stay with Chris Adams in his camper located in Area 2. Chris is the most gracious host and a lot of fun to spend time with so we both were looking forward to our visit. As it turns out our stay with Chris, along with seeing some of the others like Ralph, Larry, Donn, Jamie and Mark would be the highlight of our weekend.

Of course we couldn't drive by Scotty's without stopping for a Scotty burger and as always Scotty's dog Dumbass was standing guard at the front door. Now, I don't know if Dumbass is one name or if Dumb is his first name and Ass his last. What I do know is that's what Scotty has always called him. Dumbass is a friendly sort and spends his days at Scotty's store or chasing cars. He seems intent on following Scotty to work everyday, chasing Scotty's truck when Scotty goes to get a visual at the river and then everyday when Scotty gets back from the golf course, Dumbass catches a ride in the back of Scotty's truck going home to await another day.

Scotty's dog isn't the only dog around Blue River. Lot's of folks bring their best friend.

After devouring our burgers we arrived at the campsite and Chris met us at the door where he properly announced that dinner was almost ready. And, the guys next door, whom Chris had met the night before were also cooking. Now the head cook of this clan was Raymond and Raymond was scurrying around the campsite like Ricochet Rabbit. I commented to Raymond about his busy-ness and cooking and he replied, "This is what I live for." In other words Raymond likes to cook and man can he ever. Two of his delights were campfire potatoes and fried catfish and then Chris brought over his game hens so we had us a dan dan dandy smorgasbord. Carol and I managed to woof this food down on top of the Scotty burger. We were tight as ticks.

Now, a lot of people come to Blue River for a lot of reasons. Like I said, some come just to camp and spend time with their furry friends. Other come to show their support for their favorite team, listening to the game on the radio or watching it on the boob tube. Then...there are some that get to Blue River is a different fashion. I've seen a lot of things on Blue River in the years past but I believe this is the first time I ever saw anyone go camping and bring their eighteen wheeler. Different strokes, right?

For Carol and I the derby was a short lived affair. The wind was really bitter and Carol's hand just simply couldn't take it. She would end up in the prairie schooner or next to a campfire most of the day and I pretty well stayed with her. I kept telling myself that Sunday would be a better day but Sunday would never come for me because of a phone call I received telling me to come to work Sunday morning. That's okay though, I'm thankful to have a job.

My litte buddy Cody did okay for himself and I got to watch him land this bow. As a matter of fact I was helping Cody scout three big bows in a particular stretch of water. Donn Rist and his grandson had also made it to this place and got to watch Cody battle the bow. I told Donn there were two more bows left and he decided to fish for them but another angler almost walked on top of Donn trying to get there first. This angler took the second bow and then I left to let Donn have his try. Donn got the third one!!! Donn's bow weighed four pounds four ounces and would win him the heavy trout fly fishing award for Saturday and was just four ounces shy of being the heaviest trout caught all weekend. Congrats Donn!

The sun popped out late Saturday afternoon but the north wind was still bitterly cold

The river was clear as a bell but quite low. I heard a large number of people comment on how low the river has become and this can effect your fishing if you're use to fishing a particular stretch a particular way.

Like I said, Carol and I had planned on fishing the flats but the flats were a very popular place all day long as you can see by this picture.

Donn Rist and his grandson started fishing at Seventeen and I checked Seventeen out where I saw the two of them. But, I do believe the wind was worse here compared to any other place on the river. It was whitecaps I tell you.

My rod stayed under the windshield wiper more than in my hand Saturday. That's fishing for you sometimes.

Chris Adams decided to fish below Chimney Falls on the far side and the fishing for Chris was quite slow. However, he did manage four bows for the day and that included stopping for breakfast and then taking a morning nap. Not bad Chris.

Larry and his running mate Ralph, both from Gainseville joined Chris at Chimney Falls and the fishing was slow for both of them also. I did see Larry take a bow on a sparkle pupa I believe.

No, that's not the Uni-bomber...that's Ralph James.

Although the fishing was slow for most there was one fly fisher that had a good day, a very good day. I saw this chap early in the morning standing chest deep in the river at the sandbar. I do believe he stood there all day until the weigh-in at 3:00 p.m. Ted Meador is from Denton, Texas and he weighed in the heaviest stringer fly fishing with five pounds and six ounces. Congratulations to Ted!

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