Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Casting And Cast Iron

In keeping with my philosophy that the fly fishing experience is more than just fishing and good campfire cooking is at the top of that list, I recently decided to fix Dutch Oven stuffed bell peppers.

I love stuffed bell peppers! Stuffed bell peppers hate me! I guess it's one of those love/hate relationships and even though I know the partaking in the stuffed peppers will result in me taking massive amounts of acid reducer...I slay them anyway and live to suffer the consequences.

To make matters worse, when I cook stuffed bell peppers I grace them with a little Ranch dressing during the cooking process and that only compounds my suffering.

The truth is my plumbing and innards simply don't tolerate what they use to. So many of the things I love to cook in a Dutch have become quite detrimental to my overall well-being, but continue to cook I do.

It's terribly hard to concentrate on getting that good drift when your stomach is hurting. It's tough stripping that bugger when your gall bladder is screaming. And, it's almost impossible to get that perfect dry fly presentation, while wondering if your life insurance is squared away, because the certainty in your mind at that moment is that those stuffed bell peppers are going to get the best of you this time.

Maybe I've reached the point I have to decide whether to cast or cook and that's going to be really hard for me.

Bologna sandwiches will simply not suffice.

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