Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Carp Crusades - In Becoming A Canvas For Carp


Fly fishing for carp has been an "iffy" thing so far this week particularly with the rain we received last Sunday. I figured the rain was enough to murk the creek and sure enough, Mother Hole and the Well Springs were affected immediately.

However, Charlie has dedicated a lot of time to the rain and it's effect on the creek and he knows that some rain can actually have a clearing effect on Rock Creek, particularly at his pasture. So on Monday... Charlie went a-fishin'.

For Charlie, Monday was what we call a day-maker. He hooked up, battled with, and defeated one superb twenty-six inch carp using a white zonker pattern. After that twenty minute battle Charlie knew he was done. He left the creek a completely satisfied and contented man. That's a day-maker.


It came even more rain on Monday and it was a hard rain so the creek was even more messed up. But, the amazing thing today was Rock Creek was actually trying to clear somewhat.

I didn't take a lunch hour, but did take my fifteen minute break to run down to the creek. No waders, no lanyard, no fly vest, just rod with fly and camera. Once on the creek, I spotted two nice carp tailing together and flipped the white cactus chenille bugger their direction. One carp was on it like a cruise missile on pre-set coordinates.

I beached the creature and took a picture, but when it came time to remove the hook from his upper mouth he started flip-flopping, throwing mud all over my white work-shirt like it was a canvas for some abstract splatter artist.

I'd spent less than ten minutes of my break on the creek, but suddenly realized I couldn't go back to the workplace with this shirt. So, the last five minutes of my break was a mad rush home to change shirts so nobody at the store would know I'd snuck out to go a-fishin'.

I do live a precarious life.

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