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Blue River Fly Classic
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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sustaining The Prairie Ocean

Officials of the Chickasaw National Recreation Area, part of the national park service, announced new plans for management of the famous Vendome Well.

The Vendome Well was drilled in 1922, and since has served as a welcoming sign and centerpiece to the one million annual visitors to the park.

Officials plan on reducing the flow of the well by one-third. This will be accomplished by reducing the flow of the well by 50% daily from midnight to four o'clock a.m. This action will save 108 million gallons of water annually.

Park officials expect little or no degradation to the downstream waters and the life therein.

This new management plan is part of the effort to bring sustainability to the Arbuckle-Simpson aquifer - the lifeblood of the prairie ocean.

If only such a plan would've been put in place many years ago.

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Robin said...

All I can say is hurrah and very well done! There are likely so very many changes such as this that can be made all around us. A vast sea of small increments builds an enormous wave of change.