Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Saturday Trout - Sunday Carp

Charlie has gravitated to the next level of fly fishing for carp.  He is now catching carp on dry flies.  In the last week or so he has caught six carp on a dry fly pattern.

Charlie has created a pattern called the Thistle Missile and it looks a lot like a thistle.  He brought me one at work the other day, and I'm sure proud he did because I hate spinning and clipping deer hair. 

I took the Thistle Missile to the creek today hoping to see a surface feeding carp, but there wasn't any.  I'll just have to wait for that special moment. 

The creek's flow is really diminishing and the leaves are now falling faster than ever.  I only spent an hour on the creek today and probably shouldn't have went at all.  I had 100 things to do today, but knowing myself there will probably be 99 of them left undone at the end of the day.  Too bad procrastination isn't a virtue.  If it was... I'd be one righteous man.

Charlie has promised some pictures of the carp he caught on dry flies, but he's going out of town for a while.  I'll get them up when he gets back. 

Here's the catches of the day. 

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