Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
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Monday, January 17, 2011

Pawn Shop Pleasures

Is one man's trash truly another man's treasure?  I will have to say that indeed it is.  Here of late, fortune has come my way in visiting pawn shops, thrift stores, and garage sales.  Here are a few pictures of some of the "older" stuff I've come across recently.  One of these days I'll share the gest of the Billinghurst fly reel I once held in my hand and didn't know what I had. Oh.... how very sick I became upon learning of the treasure that slipped through my fingers.

A Martin Fly Reel 2 and it works great.  Mounted on a Wright and McGill Rod that came with it.
Eagle Claw Feather Light in really good shape.
Shakespeare Model EC Auto Retrieve
Another Shakespeare Auto Retrieve
Berkley Fly Rod
Lots of Eagle Claw products out there.
Martin Fly Reel
Eagle Claw combo fly/spin rod in original packaging and the packaging seal was intact. Probably from the 80's?
A little bamboo rod in much need of a bamboo doctor.  However, this rod along with a Martin Fly Reel 2, Berkley Fly Rod, and two rod cases were scarfed for a five dollar bill.  Sweet!


Harley said...

Holly Crap! we are on the same page i just sent you an email before reading this. Spooky!

Ghoti-n said...

What more do you have on that rod? I stumbled upon your pix and am sitting next to a rod my dad had and NEVER used (not being a fly fisherman). It is a combination fly/spinning rod set. The pieces fit together to make 2 different rods. Does your handle pull away from the rod? It looks like the same thing and I can't find anything about it online. The labels say made in Japan and the larger decal I think said Globe. Mine is still in a wood box with some snelled hooks a few flies that have lost their dressing up. The other name on the packaging is Yamafly. Any info is appreciated.

Barry said...

I've never had this one out of the package. It is a spin/fly combo, but I do not know if the rod pulls from the handle. It's an Eagle Claw. I'm not familair with the one you own, but it sounds like checking out so do some research before doing anything with it.

Ghoti-n said...

Sorry, I realize now I did not mention which rod of several I was comparing, the last of your pix, the cane fly rod. Thanks for the feedback.