Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
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Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Perm And Some Streamer Feathers To Go Please

Yesterday, I found a message in the inbox from friend and fellow caster of fur and feather Charlie Wright.  Charlie was telling me of the new fly shop we have in our little town.  Well... a fly shop of sorts safe to say.  Charlie continued by saying the only problem in visiting this new fly shop was we'd have to get our hair or nails done.

Yes indeed, even in this small community we live in the feather extension craze has arrived. 

Who'd ever thunk it - women running around with chicken feathers in their hair?  And... it's playing heck with the availability and price of fly tying feathers.

Fly shops that use to sell a cape for $29.95 can now get as much as $360.00.  Whiting Farms is harvesting 1500 birds a week just to try and keep up with the demand. 

I guess if Charlie or I begin to run short on streamer feathers we can always go to the local beauty shop.  Maybe Charlie can get some highlights in that long flowing beard of his.  And me... I'll get a perm and a streamer hackle to go.  

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