Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer 2011 - The Summer Of Discontent

In talking, Charlie and I both decided to quit fly-fishing the carp a couple of weeks ago. With the local creek being in the dismal state it is, and deteriorating each passing day, we fear if we battle these creatures now it will result in their death.

Although we are not fishing the carp we still go to the creek to have a look-see - it's a punishing thing to do.  This past Sunday as I checked on the creek I noticed a catfish that seem to have decided he wanted to be a carp.  Everywhere the carp went... the catfish followed.  I don't know if it was a case of competing for a grazing pasture or a female carp had caught the eye of the whiskered one and he decided to cross classification. 

Another sight that came to my eyes were two beaver that were foraging in shallow water.  Once they got sight or sense of me they exploded though the film heading further upstream.  Never in all my years on this creek have I seen beaver this far upstream. 

Everything this year seems messed up somehow.  I very well know it's simply nature being nature... but it's a part of nature that I care not for.

Right now, there is virtually no flow to the creek and large beds of algae bloom have formed.  Once that algae bloom begins to breakdown it will absorb the remaining oxygen left in the creek.  I'm quite certain we are headed for a major fish loss here on Rock Creek. 

All Charlie and I can do is look daily to heaven above hoping the clouds will gather thick, where they will bump one another dislodging the rain hidden in their lining.

The lack of fishing opportunity has caused me to develop a terrible laziness.  A laziness that has become habitual where I am content with taking afternoon naps with a terribly over-weight Chiweenie. 

Content with napping with a fat dog, but discontent rests with the whole of this summer.  

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