Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Chapter 58 Day 23 - Trout Season

The Thanks We All Should Be Giving This Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  For Miss Carol and me, this Thanksgiving is kind of a wash with me having to be at work early in the morning and Carol having to pull a six hour shift beginning at noon. 

Most likely, we will go a non-traditional route, late in the day, fixing some tacos or maybe tamales.  Our children are here, there, and everywhere, some of them traveling, and therefore getting everyone together would be a logistical nightmare. 

I would like to go to the river Blue tomorrow afternoon and regardless of whether I get to or not, I will remind myself this Thanksgiving of all I have to be thankful for as a member of the outdoor community. 

Here on the prairie ocean, we have been blessed with a wonderful outdoor and wildlife program managed by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife

I truly believe if you ask anyone with the wildlife department about Blue River they will be quick to tell you that Blue River is one of the crown jewels of their program.  Blue is a sparkling stone set concretely in the cap that a proud department wears so proudly.

Although Blue River is not one of the year round trout fisheries, it is the most popular fall and winter-time trout fishery in Oklahoma.  In addition, this river has another distinction - a trout fishery that is classified as a put and take trout fishery, but, has a delayed harvest catch and release section - something that is unique.  The delayed harvest catch and release area is the result of a proactive wildlife department listening to a small segment of the fly fishing community.  I don't know how we could ask for more.

Blue River has a number of distinctions and the one I like best is the fact that it is a free-flowing river.  No dams to impede it's natural flow or course - this river's direction is left to nature.  

And on this prairie ocean we have excellent coverage of the outdoor community with people like Ed Godfrey, outdoor editor for the Oklahoman, and Kelly Bostian, outdoor editor for the Tulsa World Journal.

So tomorrow if I am lucky enough to get to the river, I will find a rock along the river's edge and take a seat, and it is here I will talk with the creator telling him of my thanks for all the blessings in my life in general, and as an outdoorsman.  

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