Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Friday, November 25, 2011

Chapter 58 Day 25 - Trout Season

Favorable Circumstances

For sure, today was going to be a non-fishing day for me because of the requirement the mercantile store had for me.

However, around mid-morning a favorable circumstance came my way - so favorable it would put me on the river Blue within the hour. 

If I were to go into detail regarding this favorable circumstance I would certainly be incriminating myself and the result might turn out to be me standing in the unemployment line. 

The event would place me in the community of Tishomingo and when we are in Tishomingo we are just ten minutes away from the river Blue

Of course I went.  Why wouldn't I?  The waders, boots, rod, fly packs and all the other stuff required was already in the schooner and it didn't take much convincing that what I was about to do was a perk. 

Today on the river I wanted to fish a place called Ted's Pool.  Ted's pool is a long, wide, and quite deep pool directly above Horseshoe Falls.  Ninety percent of Ted's Pool is way too deep to wade, however, the downstream end is more shallow and full of rock structure - structure the trout think they can hide.  Hide they may try, but if you put your fly in the right spots and employ the right presentation, the trout will come to you as they did today in my short time fishing. 

Horseshoe Falls

Ted's Pool is above Horseshoe Falls
Soon after entering the drink at Ted's Pool, there was the pleasure of some company across the way - company in the form and fashion of a young fly-fishing couple.  I like that.  There's something special about couples that fly-fish together. 

And as you can see this fly-fishing duo was finding the bows also. 

It was such a beautiful day on the river today.  I could have stayed all afternoon.  But, even as favorable as the circumstance was, that got me to the river today, luck shouldn't be stretched. 

With an olive bodied bugger with a bi-color tail of olive and yellow I caught a few trout.  Then, I took a few pictures and left the river a happy man. 

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