Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Monday, October 1, 2012

A Great Little Glass Rod

Before Charlie departed for Denver on Saturday, he met me at the mercantile store to deliver a most delightful present. 

It seems that the people at Cabela's made the decision to discontinue their Custom Glass Rods and upon learning this, Charlie decided to grab him one while the grabbing was good.  He graciously grabbed me one too. 

These sweet little rods could be picked up for a lark and they come complete with a hard case.  Not a bad deal at all for less than $60.00.  Charlie ordered two 7' 6" 5/6 weight rods.

In the parking lot, I put mine together just to have a feel.  When I get a glass rod in my hand I often wonder why I jumped to graphite.  Glass rods are sweet and that's just the simple truth of the matter.

I haven't decided yet whether to dedicate this rod to the pursuit of carp or to use it for a number of species.  Chances are it won't really matter - it will be a sweet rod regardless.


Gregg said...

I love glass Barry, but my glass rods are all Wright and McGill, old models, one I doubt I'll use as it was my Fathers. The others are there, since I always carry 2 rods I could try with one, it may not be the rocket my graphite rods are but perfect for close fish. by the way, I did get a new rod, an Echo 9' 4 pc. 6 wt. with a fighting butt, love it. Speaking of that, I have 2 spin/fly glass Eagle Claw rods that in fly mode have a fighting butt. Hmmm, trouble is I have learned they are super demanding to fly cast with. Worth playing with though.


James L Worley said...

Does anyone know when they start stocking the Blue? A schedule would be really great.


Barry said...


They begin stocking Blue with the rainbow trout on November 1st.