Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Sunny October Morning Carp

Saturday, I waded the creek on a cloudy day with wind that chopped the water.  This morning I waded a muddy creek on a bright sunlit day with wind that was blew only high up - only rustling the trees and not disturbing the creek. 

The sudden hard and driving rain we were promised showed up in the late afternoon, shortly before evening fell.  It was a blowing rain; the kind that somehow manages to get up under shingles on a house.  It was a significant enough rain to blur Rock Creek rather badly.

The thinking this morning was to concentrate on the creek edges, the fringes of the creek, in hopes of finding a foraging beeve to lasso with a fly. 

The first hour was a total bust.  Movement in the creek could be seen, but it was a "can't make heads or tails" situation.  The first pasture visited was the Upper Shallows, and I thought this would be my best opportunity, but again, it was mainly a crap shoot. 

Leaving the Upper Shallows, I set sail for the pasture known as Lower Well Springs.  Here, at the fringe of the near bank were two carp gently grazing.  Since the color of the creek was well off normal, I chose the Prizefighter Carpolo Charlie.  The Prizefighter is black, blue, and purple and it seemed to make sense these colors would work well in the off water. 

The Prizefighter was offered to the lead carp and he seemed to like what he was seeing.  With a simple lift of the rod tip, we began a quite pleasant conversation... at least for me. 
This one carp being branded seem to be enough to fix me - pull me out of the disrepair of everyday life. 
From the Lower Well Springs Pasture I set course back to the Upper Shallows to retrieve a school chair from the creek.  Sadly, the school system is still the prime trashing entity of this creek along the quarter-of-a-mile boundary the school shares with Rock Creek.
I took a picture of the chair in the creek and then one of the chair out of the creek.  I added today's pictures to the album of trash in Rock Creek and this afternoon I'll be at the local Radio Shack having them printed. 
Back at the bunkhouse, I will draft a letter to the president of the board of education and then mail the letter along with the pictures to him and the rest of the school board.
I will ask for just a little help in keeping Rock Creek clean.  It's with high hope the board will find my letter receptive. 


Gregg said...


You have at least another 4 weeks of carpin at your latitude and altitude, my quess, if so I'm envious. get the school to notice what you see, how it grows, where it comes from. Most biology teachers are hunters and fishermen, as are others, and this could be included in a lesson plan as well as anything else you have planned. Good luck with that.


Barry said...

Love your thinking Gregg. My ultimate goal is to get the student body to adopt this part of the creek as their own, keep it clean, and use it as an outdoor classroom. Win, win, win situation.