Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Friday, February 14, 2014

Slow Going

It had been almost four weeks since I last had the pleasure of seeing the beautiful little Blue.  It doesn't take rust long to settle in on some of us.  I'm not talking just about rust in our casting or hook-set, but also in the preparation and ritual of going that some of may have established over the years.  Such became quite apparent to me yesterday.

I was almost half way to the river when I realized that the ol' fly rod was still back at the bunkhouse.  No, I didn't cuss or throw a fit.  I simply laughed at myself and did a U-turn in the middle of the highway.  The only things I had lost was a little time and petro. 

When I got to the river there wasn't that many folks fishing.  I drove across Hughes Crossing headed for Ted's Pool.  I encountered a few slick spots going up some hills, but for the most part the roads are quite passable. 

As I was walking down to Ted's Pool, I saw a familiar face in the form and fashion of Ted Meador.  Ted and I chatted a bit and he told me he had only caught one bow at Ted's Pool, which wasn't encouraging because Ted is an excellent angler.

It was slow going.  I had the pink Frenchie under a bugger once again and after two hours I had only brought five trout to hand.  There were three or four other strikes, but that was it for the most part.  Not once did I see any surface activity and the river is the clearest I've ever seen her.  Although I didn't probe the river, the water feels very cold. 

The size 14 pink Frenchie took all five fish, but now looking back I wish I would have went down in size to a 16 or 18.  One other note is that I fished the Frenchie deeper than normal and that seemed to be the only way I would find any fish yesterday. 

When I arrived back at the bunkhouse, the bamboo rods Roger Allgood shipped were on the front porch.  I took them out of their packaging and took some pictures to share.
Here is what I know about the rods.  Roger has had these rods in his possession for 25 to 30 years... he was a little foggy on the exact year.  He purchased both rods while working on a job while in England.  One is an Issak Walton.  The Issak Walton looks to be in excellent shape with beautiful wraps and two tips.  The reel seat is removable and if one chooses the reel seat can be reversed.  The length of the sections are 36 7/8. 
The second rod has no inscription.  The man that Roger purchased this rod from had it custom built.  It also looks to be in excellent shape, but does having some pitting in the cork.  It also has two tips and the lengths of the sections measure 32 5/8.
Of the two, the Issak Walton is certainly the heaviest.  If I was given my personal choice I would have to go with the smaller rod because these days I don't do well with heavy rods.  However, with that being said, I believe the Issak Walton is the real gem. 
These two rods will be up for auction at the Blue River Fly Classic.  Bids have already come in on the Issak Walton.  When I told Roger about the interest in the rods he sounded like a proud papa. 
Here's some pictures... not good pictures, but still they're pictures.


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