Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Sunday, October 25, 2009

On The Vise

In the last three to four weeks I've been on the vise more than in the previous six months which seems like a shame to me.

Each year I seem to loose the awareness of what brings me so much pleasure, giving into the demands of the workplace which sucks at times. And that is the shame of it for me.

I got back on the vise as a result of fly angler Kevin Harris and his suggestion for a fly swap. I tied up a dozen or fourteen (I think) scud patterns for that swap.

Then came a deal between myself and Blue River fly fisher Michael Mercurio for some size 18 scuds and finally got that done. Those puppies were trying I tell you.

Seasons back I would try and tie ten to twenty flies a night but these days I go at it at a much slower and more relaxing pace. I'll tie four, five, maybe six flies and when my back begins to nag and my eyes begin to cross, I simply walk away from the vise. A lot of things these days seem to be going slower for me and you's okay - I kinda like it this way.

Currently I'm working on some buggers...yellow split tails to be exact which have been the one bugger pattern that has yet to not produce well each and every time. After the yellow split tails, I'll tie black buggers and for some reason black is always hard for me to tie - something about my eyesight I guess.

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