Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Robust River

Lady Blue had a louder and more robust voice today. She meant to be heard and seen and for me it was an extreme pleasure to see her as vibrant as she was today.

At the end of Area 2, Miss Carol and I stepped out of the prairie schooner with camera in hand and walked to the edge of Blue. There we simply stood for awhile and listened to the rush of the water and admiring the power this sweet lady was showing off today.

I haven't been this excited about the beginning of trout season in a long time. Seeing the river and how she is currently tells me that the flow of Blue this year is going to be rather good. Without looking at any streamflow data or stuff like that I would speculate that Blue's flow was twice it's normal flow for this time of year. When judging this river's vibrancy I go by familiar landmarks and many of those today were simply out of sight.

With the exception of one other visitor who was preparing to leave, Miss Carol and I were the only souls in Area 2 today. Area 2 was wide open and looking ever so inviting. Many of the trees have started the changing of colors and soon will put on a remarkable display of an Autumn stage production.

We stopped next at the crossing and immediately I noticed that the apex of Indicator Rock was barely breaking the surface film of the rushing water which told me not to cross. I guess there was a good chance I could have made it across the crossing but these days I'm not such a brave soul as I once was, especially when I'm sober (which I was today), and particularly when Miss Carol is with me in the schooner. So...we sailed on downstream to Area 1.

At Autumn Rose Falls the Blue was really projecting her voice, emanating all directions from this plunge pool.

A little further downstream was my beloved seventeen and it was thrilling to see seventeen full to the brim with none of the tombstone topography showing as has been in recent years. Whether seventeen will remain like this is for the most part unlikely, but hopefully she will not look like the bone yard of seasons past.

Our trip to Blue today only made me long to be with river even more than I have been for months now. It's going to be a wonderful trout season at Blue.

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