Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Chapter 58 Day 52 - Trout Season

Longing For The Wilderness

Oh my goodness... today would have been a day to be on the river.  Sun shining every so brightly with mild temperatures and little wind... just one of those days.  Talk about a guy being absolutely livid having to be at the workplace today. 

If I could have snuck away from the mercantile store, I do believe a trip to the south wilderness would have been in order.  Last trout season I spent ninety percent of my time in the south wilderness, but, this season have only been twice - and there is a reason. 

I've been nursing a nagging hip joint, and by making shorter trips and spending less time on the river on each outing,I've improved the ailment.  Now that the ol' hip joint is feeling better I think I'm up for a hike into the south kingdom.

When we plan a trip into the south wilderness kingdom it's best to be able to dedicate the better part of any day.  The water in this wilderness is so braided, diverse, full of pocket after pocket, it's impossible to explore all of these pleasures in a short time let alone a day. 

Some of the best fly fishing I've experienced has come about in the south wilderness.  Among my favorite places are Coyote Pass, the Cove, the Ancient Boulders, and Dividing Line Falls. 

Although the fishing is usually good for me, the worse spanking I have ever received came about in the south wilderness this past season.  A day of fishing was planned with Michael Mercurio and Chris Adams, and it wasn't long into the day these two characters started spanking an older man's behind. 

And, they never let up. 

But, such things is the beauty of this area.  It was a wonderful day, in spite of the spanking, and a rare opportunity for friends to fish together. 

Right now I pretty miserable in not getting to fly fish much.  Have you seen that commercial where the guy turns into a diva because he's hungry and once they give him a Snickers he reverts to his usual self?  Well... that was me today, but, I wasn't hungry.  No, I turned into Lindsay Lohan today because I haven't been able to get to the dog-gone river this week and a friggin' Snickers isn't going to solve diva acting self!

Keep the Snickers... give me the river.



Can you tell how to get to to place you call the "South Wilderness"?

Barry said...

Go the main campground area. At the large parking lot by the low water crossing take the road that goes north towards Area 2. On the way to Area 2 you will see a steep road on your left. Take that steep road all the way to the top of the hill, park, and walk through the entrance in the gate. Head upstream from there. You'll love it.