Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Chapter 58 Day 58 - Trout Season

It Only Hurts When I Don't Fly Fish

For the better part of a week, or perhaps a little more, I've had the darnedest pain in the pit of my stomach.  I figure it's from drinking too much hot chocolate or coffee.  The pain, although not debilitating, is most uncomfortable.  It's with me at work and with me at home.

I have noticed, however, that anytime I'm on the water... the discomfort in the ol' bread basket is not.  It's completely absent or at least it's not given any attention at the time.  I guess we could say it only hurts when I don't fly fish.

Having long believed there is a healing quality to being on a river with a stick in the hand, being void of ailments comes as no surprise to me.  No, there is no suggestion here that fly fishing has any kind of physiological  healing power to it... but, there is some kind of healing that goes along with slinging the fur and feather. 

Maybe, it's a mind thing.  You know... the metaphysical world.  I don't know... haven't given it that much thought.  Quite simply I accept it and believe in it. 

Today, was a no fishing today for me and of course with that being the situation... I was in terrible discomfort with the annoyance in my mid-section. 

Nonetheless, I did spend the day thinking about fly fishing and spending some sawbucks in acquiring some much needed stuff. 

After leaving the mercantile store today, there came a perfect opportunity to clean the fly line and add a little lubricant.  In performing the process and while running the slick pad down the line, it suddenly felt like driving down one of those rural washboard roads.  Closer inspection led to discovery of some severe damage on the last ten foot of floating line. 

We have a number of homeless cats here at the prairie home that have come to depend on us for substance and measures of companionship.  These wandering felines don't stay in the house, but, twice a day they are allowed to come in and partake of Atlantic salmon, free range chicken, and dairy- delight flavored cat food. 

I believe it was Monday I had the fly line draped over the kitchen table doing some leader to tippet work and I left the room for about five minutes.  Upon returning, one of the kittens was tangled in the line having herself one heck of a time.  No, I didn't inspect the line at the time, but, in examining the line today I would say there is probable cause to interrogate this particular kitten further. 

Stuff happens they say and indeed it does.  We can dwell on it or simply take action to fix it.  Today... I fixed the fly line dilemma by ordering not one, but two new packages of fly line.

Cabela's was still running their clearance on Sage Ultimate Performance fly lines.  Two packages cost just pennies less than $60.00 and I figure I made $100.00 in ordering these lines.  Regular price on one package was $79.99, so in doing the math... I made $100.00!

As the pain in my stomach worsened, I felt more need to make myself feel better so a trip to L L Bean's site was made and a new pair of wading boots is on the way.  Feeling much better now. 

Actually the wading boots was a necessity also.  The Simms I have are absolutely wonderful.  It seems though from last trout season to this, either the boots have shrunk or I've gained a half shoe size.  These boots kill me each and every time I put them on. 

I have tomorrow to get through in dealing with the stomach discomfort, but, come Friday I'm sure I'll be bouncing from boulder to boulder on Blue river fishing with good friends. 

And... there will be no hint of anything that makes we want to drink Pepto Bismol.

1 comment:

Gregg said...

Dang Barry,

Hope like heck this affliction recently clears up, take care, keep us posted. Got a friend set up for a trout trip long ago and rigging the outfit up in the living room my boy's rabbit instantly decided to sever the new line in the darn middle. I couldn't believe it, but should have.

Stay well, Gregg