Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
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Friday, April 12, 2013

Dear Carp - Long Time No See

Dear Carp,

My, my, my, dear friends... it has been some time since we have had any conversations.  My visits to you are much more rare than they were last year or the year before, but hopefully the thing that has been keeping me from the threshold of your home has been remedied. 

Today, I was able to come for a visit late in the afternoon and much to my disappointed I found your home going downhill even more.  The rains always seem to be on the fringe of this sea current where you live and we certainly have not received our share of the life giving water from above.  I hope the coming weeks will bring more rain our way. 

You are still having quite difficulty in seeing the offerings I send out to you.  Almost as soon as my gift hits the drink it becomes engulfed in green slime hiding it's true beauty and color.  You often come to it but simply cannot locate it with the present being submerged in the weave of decayed leaves and algae. 

I did meet one of you citizens today with a new offering that sported a rust brown body and long fibre soft hackle courtesy of the partridge.  This community member took my gift on the fall and ran with it.  For such a young carp he proved to be quite the scraper - a pugilist for sure.  He bent my rod well and made run after run before I brought him to my waiting hand.

I have been somewhat remiss in corresponding with you and I do apologize for this human flaw that my kind own.  Last week I held another conversation with a citizen of the pasture we call Honey Hole and this chap fancied a soft hackle much like the one used today.  I did make a postcard of him and will share it with you.
Before I forget... Charlie is back from Mexico so you should expect some visits from him and his worm. 
Speaking of worm and visitors, you might see a new face at the fringe of your home.  His name is Van and he's my buddy.  Today, Van held his first conversation with one of your kind Charlie, he was using a worm.  He had another conversation going but the call was cut short due to a... disconnect.  The trout leader he is currently using isn't going to be quite enough for sure. 
You'll see more of him. 
Until we meet again I will continue to ask for rain to replenish your home and make for better days for all of us.
Prairie Ocean Fly Fisher


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