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Blue River Fly Classic
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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Dear Carp - Not As Planned

Dear Carp,

Saturday morning I was looking forward to my second day off in a very long time.  My plan was to get a good night of rest Friday evening and therefore come visit you early on Saturday morning.  However, in the late evening hours of Friday my best friend Drift begin to have seizures.

His seizures is something I became aware of shortly after he came into my life.  A visit to the doctor that tends to dogs, and other creatures, resulted in a controlling medicine that will shorten the ferocity of the seizures themselves.  After his first episode Friday evening, I administered the medicine followed by another does a short while later.  The medicine wasn't working it seemed and after the seventh or eighth seizure episode... as the hopelessness fell over me... I decided to talk to God. 

Over all the years I've talked to God I've learned that God doesn't have much to say in return.  I figure this is due to the fact God is too busy listening to all of us. 

Sometime after the midnight hour the seizures subsided, but a good night's rest would not come my way or the way of my friend.  He was exhausted and I was too.

However, I rose early the next morning with the plans I had made, but decided to run by the mercantile store just to check on things.  Upon arriving at the store I discovered that the young assistant I have fell prey to the follies of whatever takes place on Friday night's.  I use to know what those follies entailed myself, but that's been many years ago.  My plan changed status to "Not as planned." 

In the afternoon yesterday I did see a opportunity of possibly one hour at your home where we could visit so the waders went on.

Standing in the upper shallows of one of our favored pastures, I knew that your citizens had formed a herd in this area because they felt protected by a thick weave of natural debris that had been crocheted by the strong winds of late.

This blanket was so thick it hid your citizens well and getting my gift, the Aftermath, past the fabric would be quite a chore.  I did see an opening though and on my first roll-out a young member of your clan sent me a signal with the tell-tale movement in my clear tether. 

Moving downstream, the Aftermath went out again and one of your kin attacked the gift as if he was quite concerned of any of your other citizens laying claim to it before he could. 
With some time still left I moved to the big pool to send out some gifts on the blind.  The wind was strong yesterday and the riffles also his your kinship.  I sent out two new gifts, but they drew no interest from the lot of you and therefore I bid you farewell.
There was a lot going on in these parts this weekend my friends.  At Rock Creek campground there was a conclave of a vintage fiberglass rod group that I hoped to attend.  Your friend Charlie got to go and cast some fine glass rods and see some fine reels.  I, unfortunately, didn't make it.  Also, there was an outdoor expo taking place, but I didn't get to attend that function either.
From left to right are Carl Sims, Larry Compton, Les Jackson, Jeff Mitchell, and Kurt Jackson.  Members of the fiberglass flyrodders conclave.
Tomorrow is Earth Day my friends and knowing my schedule is full, I decided to come to you today and rid your home of a good deal of trash.  I carried two 39 gallon trash bags with me and that seemed suffice today, but there is more to deal with.  All the trash in your home and along the bank at the pasture known as Honey Hole was removed.  However, there is still that steep hill to deal with, so I will return with a rake and rope and bring it down to within my grasp.
There was lots of hand trash in your home such as Styrofoam, plastic bottles, snuff cans, and plastic bags. 
This little fellow, that shares your home, seemed to appreciate the trash being removed.
I do not know what to tell you about the rain that has not come our way.  There has been rain all around us like the six inches that fell on the prairie ocean current at Medicine Park.  We received only a trace and I don't understand what is going on. 
Guess I can talk to God about that also.
I hope to see you again soon my friends.
Prairie Ocean Fly Fisher 


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Gregg said...

Sorry about your pal Barry, sometimes things make no sense. Good on you for the trash removal and fishing, and yes you seem to need devine intervention as to rain. Best wishes there.