Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dear Carp - Removed

Dear Carp,

I came to your home today not in hopes of any conversations, but rather to perform a task that has been eating at me for a good while.

My hope today was to give you somewhat a little better home by removing two major pieces of trash that have no business being in your sea-lane. 

I brought with me a strong tether because once I retrieved these items from your sea-lane I would have to haul them up a slightly steep hill. 

My time was quite tight today so I waded straight in and headed directly for today's targets.  Of these two pieces of the artifacts of modern man, I thought all along the barrel would be the most difficult of the two to take down the creek. 
I decided to tackle the barrel first and to my pleasant surprise the barrel was quite an easy chore once I got it upright and the water poured.  The barrel simply floated down the sea-lane like a wrecked ship on it's way to dry dock.
Next came the school desk and this piece of garbage like to eat my lunch.  That's a term we use in my world my friends.  Simply put... it was much heavier than I imagined. 
However, the desk finally came to be beached on a sea-lane shelf and now it was time to get these modern artifacts up the hill and on their way to, unfortunately, a landfill somewhere.
Now it was time to get this trash up the hill and knowing you have seen me many times you know I'm not a spring chicken and not that big a guy.  However, this is where the strong tether came into play.  I simply tied the tether on the artifacts and pulled them up the hill and then about 100 yards to the road side where hopefully they'll be removed by the city stewards.
Sweet beasts, your home is somewhat cleaner today with two pieces of garbage removed.  Hundreds remain... but, they will be retrieved also as time allows.  Being a trash man is a dirty business, but a little dirt never hurt anyone.
Take care grand creatures.  The rain is on it's way they tell us.  Let us hope they are right.
Prairie Ocean Fly Fisher 

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Gregg said...

Good for you Barry, that is what it takes, one man with determination.