Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Eyes On The River

As it is with fishing in general... as it is with fishing at Blue River... there will always be a certain percentage of anglers that think they are above the rules and regulations that pertain to fishing and catch limits.

Limit laws are put in place for many reasons and it doesn't matter if the reason is part of a management plan or to provide equal recreational opportunity for all anglers.

However there are still some that think they are so clever and that they've devised a system of poaching that insures they'll never get caught. If indeed that is the thinking then I suggest they think again.

There are eyes watching the river and it's a concerted effort currently on Blue River.

There are a lot of young ones that come to Blue River and for them catching trout doesn't come as easy as it does for some of us older gents and ladies, so when someone blatantly takes more than their fair share of trout they are robbing the young ones of additional chances for a catch.

It's easy to understand how a newcomer to Blue fishing for trout for their first time and in their rush don't read the signs on the road or look at the regulations end up catching more than the limit. But, what is most inexcusable is when the "regulars" or familiar faces on Blue, who know the regulations better than their own name, get caught red-handed violating the daily limit. And... such a case recently happened at Blue River.

Now, I don't know how much the violation will cost the guy... but I hope it's a helluva lot and I also hope it shames him to such degree that the offense will never be repeated. It's bad enough seeing your own name in the local newspaper under the public records section. It's equally bad knowing that your fellow anglers and outdoorsmen now know you're not such a good sportsman after all.

Catching poachers is a time consuming effort and it takes a lot of patience by the Wildlife Department people. However if you're like me and poaching really gets your goat then there is something you can do to help. Whenever you're at Blue make sure you have the number to Operation Game Thief on your person or in your address book and if you see someone violating the daily limit law make that call. Your action will make for a better river for all those that come. The number to Operation Game Thief is 1-800-522-8039.

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Robin said...

There is definitely a subculture of poaching in our society, sad but true. I imagine that the attitude that makes it OK to poach also branches out into the rest of their lives.

Teach by example is a powerful truth. I'd wager that most poachers were either raised by poachers or were shown early on in life to do as you please, just don't get caught.

If I recall my history, whitetail were pretty well gone from Oklahoma for many years until restocking efforts restored the population.