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Blue River Fly Classic
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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Needful Things

If someone walked into the fly tying/mini-museum at my house they would probably think to themselves "Look at all this crap!" However... none of it is crap I assure you. Everything within the room is a needful thing. Needful in the sense that each brings a little joy to a fly-fishing life. Each thing serves as part of a mosaic to a somewhat cluttered, disorganized, but happy fly-fishing life.

The mosaic extends beyond this said room and can be found in the bathroom with trout wall border and Larry Horton's wonderful wood carving. In the bedroom we will find an antique bamboo along with an antique collection of someones interpretations of the classic flies.

In the kitchen there are placards addressing the parallel between fly fishing and good food and beyond these walls there is even more needful things still in storage at the old west town Sipokni West.

Hopefully, this collection will only grow.

Fly tying stuff displayed on spinner racks... three spinner racks to be exact.

A fly tying kit from the 60/70's bought at a garage sale by a friend.

Disorganization is what keeps my mind active and me sane.

There are twenty-seven fly fishing caps in the "room" and I don't wear caps. Hmmm?

A guy at work was going to throw this mounting away until I intervened. What a waste that would've been.

Stuff, stuff, stuff. Everyone has an Altoid tin or two.

An Eagle Claw fly-fishing vest and I have no idea of where it came from.

I have to get that float tube down from the ceiling and give it a work-out this spring and summer.

Free space is becoming a rarity in the "room" these days.

Why I kept the carton the calendar came in is beyond even me.

Old desks, old reels, do-dads.


Triumphrider74 said...

Thanks for posting the pics. I aspire to have a collection like yours. I'm just getting it good and started and you've given me some great ideas.

Paul Freeman said...


That is just awesome. What a tribute to the sport we both share and love. I appreciate your post on this. Thanks very much