Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Friday, January 1, 2010

The Flies Little Fished

In the fly-tying/mini-museum room there lives some flies that have been lonely for quite some time.

For sure they long for the water and the chance to prove their weight.

Why they've never been fished is a question left unanswered. Perhaps it's because of the habit of looking at a fly and asking a question at that time whether the fly will fish or not. Judgemental for sure, and not quite fair.

So, these flies will be seeing some action they can have their chance, and I can see if my judgement has been wrong all this time.

I am curious if anyone else has fished these patterns and if so how did they produce. So if you have and get a chance then let us all know which pattern you fished, where, and how it produced.

The Gold Darter is ready for action and will soon see some.

A cousin of the Gold Darter, the Silver Darter has been longing for sometime.

On the White River I fished a take-off of the Black Nose Dace called the Arkansas Shiner. The Arkansas Shiner was fished at night and produced quite well.

The Black Molly. Surely this pattern will pass as an effective imitation of a leech. She'll be taking here maiden voyage in the river Blue soon.

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