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Blue River Fly Classic
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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Time To Renew

Well fellow casters of fur and feather...another year is said and done and tonight we ring in the coming year. With 2010 arriving many of us will find ourselves renewing our fishing licenses and sometimes it's an innocent thing to forget to do.

Unless we have a lifetime licenses or otherwise exempt we need to have our current year licenses on us next time we fish.

For those of you that live long distances or out of state you can renew on-line through the Wildlife Departments website. Just follow the instructions for on-line renewal.

However if you are planning your next fishing trip at Blue then you might want to consider renewing your license at Scotty's. You might not know it but for a number of years, Scotty and his little store was the number two seller of fishing license in the state of Oklahoma. I don't know if that still remains true or not but I figure he's still up near the top. I think it would be neat if Scotty could take over first place at least for a while.

So...if you can wait to renew your license then please consider doing so and get it done at Scotty's Blue River One Stop.

Of course this is the time we make our New Year's resolutions and this year I have picked two that I'm serious about. First...I am really serious about giving up the cigarettes. Either I'm going to give them up or they're going to give me up. Secondly, I resolve to fly-fish more and work less in the coming year.

Actually there are a number of resolutions I could make but think I will concentrate on these two. Hope everyone else gets to fly-fish more and work less if they want to.

Happy New Year's everyone!


Kevin said...

Good for you, Barry. Those are great resolutions, and I think you're right to keep it to two, too.

Suri said...

Barry, great resolution! Mine loose weight and fish more :)...