Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Awesome Fishing

Trout Season 2009/2010 Day Fourteen Fishing

There is something about standing in a river that always makes me feel better and today I felt great for maybe the first time this week.

My original plan was to go to the north wilderness area and try to catch a fly-fisher from Ft. Worth named Chris. However, getting a really late start I figured Chris would be far upstream and I just didn't have the legs today to make that haul. So, I settled for the easy way out and parked in the parking lot which put me about two-hundred feet from the water.

I chose Cottonwood Pool as my expectation of things that might be today and Cottonwood rewarded me quite handsomely. It was bow, after bow, after bow.

Today I fished my favored olive and yellow split-tail Bugger in tandem with a Crackleback as a dropper or trailer fly. The Crackleback would take as many bows as the Bugger would and in the end I think it was almost a dead heat as to which fly won the day.

In the river time seems to stand still somehow and all worries and concerns dissipate like vapor in the sky. I think that the success of a fly-fishing outing is decided before we ever get started on the trip. I say this because it is the expectation of what the day might bring us that makes each outing a success. If we indeed do battle fish then the outing is simply even more successful.

I wanted to stay all day but having a Christmas party to attend and having to prepare two Dutch Ovens to take I had to leave the river.

There were hardly any anglers on the river today. A fly-fisher could have had his choice of water which is quite rare anymore.

With Christmas coming up I think that if I could give a stranger a gift I would give him or her a day on the one I had today. It was awesome fishing.

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