Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Sunday, December 27, 2009

No Fly - Just Tie

I knew that Harley was going to be on the water today and that knowledge made me really ache to go a-fishing. However a phone call and the time and temperature lady announcing it was twenty-one degrees gave me much pause for thought. Her revelation of the rather cool temperatures caused me to admit that I'm too old for that kind of cold.

Besides, Miss Carol, even though most of the snow had melted on the roads, refused to ride the brown pony to work which required me to hitch up the prairie schooner and deliver her to the salt mine. In addition this pretty well locked me in at the bunk house since I'd have to fetch her around one 'clock.

Back at the bunk house I found myself pretty well bored in the absence of Miss Carol. I felt almost like a shut-in and I know very well I do not do well in such a situation. Heaven forbid I ever really get to such a point in life - I won't last long.

Tying flies has always been a big part of my life on the water and since I couldn't go to the river today I took to the vise.

I started out with midge patterns and tied a variety including some adults, tricos, spent wings, and quill midges. Midges have been good producers on Blue for me over the years and they often prove to be the go-to fly when the risers are on.

After the midge setting, I decided to tackle the soft hackles again. Soft hackles have always proven to be a challenge for me and I think it's because there are several different methods to tying the hackle. Today I decided to take one method of tying the hackle and stick to it. This decision worked much better for me today and I produced four or five new trout warriors and I'll have to say the soft hackle is quickly becoming one of my favorite soldiers.

After a round of soft hackles I decided to play and try and create something. For some reason a split parasol midge emerger came to mind. The end result was a little less than desired but it was my first attempt. I asked myself if this fly would fish but the answer to that question lies somewhere in the river. Time will certainly tell.

By now it was time to fetch Miss Carol and I rode through the park and had a look at little Rock Creek. She was flowing quite well through her snow covered banks. Seeing Rock Creek made we want to see Blue even more but it wasn't to be today. Maybe later this week.

I hope Harley slayed em today.


Harley said...

I didn't do good at all. I did take a cold swim however. The water is murky and moving fast, about 146cfs. I couldn't see where I was and off into a hole. I'm buying a wading staff.

Barry said...

Geeezzz Harley...the polar bear plunge. That really sucks. Thanks for the river report, good to know it's currently off-color.

Unknown said...

Nice flies. Never tried the parasol extension, wonder if it did well. I am a soft hackle nut, and actually I believe most mayflies, midges and caddis can be imitated with them. They allow unlimited varieties of material for the body, feathers for the hackle, hook size and style so as to be fished at any level. Here they are used far less than they ought to be, good for me I quess. As I mentioned earlier, "Midge Magic" is a wonderful small book and actually it revolutionized my midge tying. By the way, I use a stomach pump, some disagree with those, to discern what was recently eaten by trout over 14", though I won't use mine unless the fish is larger. Midges reign supreme I have found so many times, and the stage, color, size, is all right there.
Hope you are well and managed to go out today in your derby.