Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Short....but oh so sweet.

I knew my time would be short but I didn't care...I wanted to simply fish. Also I wanted to see for myself just how dingy or off-colored the river is, not to mention finding out if Blue is fishing or not.

Arriving sometime after the noon hour I parked in the main parking area since time was of the essence. Besides that, after reading about Harley's fate on Sunday when he took the big dive into the open icy arms of this lady, and having to walk back in twenty-five degree ambient temperature weather...I was rather cautious today. I, like so many of us have found our way in that "been there - done that club", and I have to tell you...a little bit of that crap goes a long way. It also has the tendency of sticking with you and making you righteous... at least for awhile.

I knew I would fish the upstream side of the crossing and when I got there a fly angler was in the middle of the crossing casting upstream. He looked familiar to me...a man named Ken but I can't be for certain. Shortly, he went to the opposite side of the river and sit on a rock to fly-fish.

Today I decided to fish the olive bugger with olive/yellow split tail with a friend trailing. As that friend I chose my little friend Zug Bug as the first tandem rigging.

I was there thirty-five minutes...I brought sixteen bows to hand...and missed at least a dozen more.

Although the Zugger didn't do quite as well as the bugger he held his own and battled several bows. After bow fourteen I lost Zug and tied on a Mademoiselle. With the first cast with the Mademoiselle as a trailer there was a strike, my reaction, and the loss of the Mademoiselle - bad tie I guess.

I searched for another Zug and indeed I did find one more and tied him on. Two additional casts and two more bows. I was done.

It was thirty-five degrees today while I was fishing but there wasn't a whisper of wind. With the exception of my hands I never felt cold or uncomfortable at all. Have to get something done about my hands...they are in bad shape.

So the story is right now that yes the river is slightly off-colored but trying to clear quickly. Do the trout care if the river is slightly off-colored? I don't think so.

The fly-angler across from me was also battling bows at a fair clip and he was still there when I left. If, staying through the afternoon was in his plans...I'm sure he had a grand day of catching.

I left the river to go back to work. Yeah...had to go back to the darn workplace after a thirty-five minute enjoyable and refreshing reprieve.

Right now I hate my job.


Random Musings said...

16 'bows in 35 minutes! I'm doing sumthin' wrong, or at the wrong place. I got skunked on Monday. Then broke my rod.

Harley said...

Wow! That must have been quite a time. I'm sick that i didn't take today off.

Way to go Barry!