Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Blue River Quickie

Trout Season 2009/2010 Day Twelve Fishing

This Sunday started much like most for me finding myself at work early and being there until mid-morning. At home there was even more work in the form of moving furniture with Miss Carol. About half past noon all the chores seemed to be done and I was wondering what I would do the rest of the afternoon.

It was thirty-nine degrees outside with a completely gray sky. Looked like trout weather to me. By one o'clock I was out the bunkhouse door and loaded in the Prairie Schooner headed for the river Blue.

About half way down the trail, a fine mist developed which made me believe the trout fishing would even be better than expected. There was just enough wind to heighten the senses and prove aggravating combined with the low temps but still it was good trout weather.

When I hit the bump just before the headquarters at Blue the fine mist had stopped. I drove straight to Seventeen.

Seventeen has rarely ever failed me and today this sweetest of pools would prove to be as faithful to me as ever. With my very first cast I brought a dandy little bow to hand.

Within the next two minutes I would meet bows number two, three, and four but then the action would stop. I must have made twenty more casts with no more bows to hand but five or six misses. When bow number five came I realized that these bows were wanting one thing and one thing only. All five bows had come on an almost near-perfect dead drift with absolutely no drag in line or leader.

Upon releasing bow number five I sensed a presence and as I turned there were two bait anglers, a man and woman, and they looked like they wanted to fish. Moreover, they looked like they wanted to fill their supper plates with trout so I wasn't about to stand in their way. Besides, even though I wore gloves today but fingertips has already started burning and I've been battling some problems with my hands here of late. Also, the fine mist had come back and thickened in volume. In addition, Miss Carol requested home-made potato soup tonight so I had to get back to the bunkhouse to get that on. I gave the Seventeen to these two.

The couple also brought a friend - a beautiful golden dog and he was quite the friendly chap. I visited with him awhile on my way up the bank.

I was in the river less than twenty minutes today but completely satisfied upon leaving when I did. It was an awesome Blue River quickie.

Today three things were accomplished. Reports had been coming in that the river was stained and off-colored so today I was able to get a visual and I have to tell you...the river is clear and quite fish-able.

Secondly, reports have been that fishing is slow and I won't argue that point. However I say the bows are more than willing to play if you give them exactly what they want and exactly the way they want it. Today, everything came on the dead drift which I think adds substance to the theory that when water temps drop the bows want little or no action.

Lastly, I got myself a trout fix in the form of a Blue River quickie and quickie's can sometimes be awesome.

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