Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Flashes Were Few

I've grown quite tired of my hurried trips to the river Blue and my short time each trip. But when that is all you have then praise that time for what it is.

Today was much different from two days ago on Sunday. I arrived at Blue shortly after one o'clock. The sky was much like Sunday being gray and overcast but there was hardly any wind.

At the river's edge I studied the water at least for a few minutes and what I saw was an absence of vigor. The water was simply running the course. There were no dry rises, no noses coming up, and no back's slicing the surface film...just water running by.

After ten minutes of presenting I thought for sure the skunk fairy had dialed my number today. On this Tuesday, I found myself not playing with Seventeen...but Seventeen playing with me. She was playing the ole hard to get trick, refusing kiss, after kiss, after kiss. But...I finally snuck one in on her and once I did she delivered a blush in the form of the flash of a bow - a bow that came to my hand. The skunk fairy packed bags and went elsewhere, waiting for another day with me.

However, Seventeen would remain stubborn and only show me two more flashes. Always a faithful sweetheart, but sometimes an obstinate she-beast.. that's just how she is.

I love her both ways.

My day would soon end with a flawed attempt at a side-arm roll cast with the flies being downstream. The end result was the damnest birds nest anyone would ever see.

I spent ten frickin' minutes standing in the river picking out those tangles just to win that small victory and save a little leader. Hell'va thing this fly-fishing.

My thinking today was that I was fishing in front of a front but I could have been very well fishing "at" the front. The weather is changing lads and lassies and if anyone is coming to visit Lady Blue tomorrow or Thursday be sure and have all your cold weather gear on hand. It's going to be bitter.

On the way out I noticed a lot of foam floating down the river. Also the back eddies are starting to film and scum-up. When the back eddies scum it is sometimes worthwhile dropping a fly in the scum just to see if there is a gathering of bows trying to commune.

Good fishing everyone.

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Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh, the bird's nest, the foe of all fishermen...