Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Carp Crusades - Mission Almost Impossible

Today's trip to Rock Creek to battle carp would come close to a mission almost impossible. Even though the sun was shining brightly and overall a beautiful day, there was a stiff and brisk wind to deal with and the wind had also covered the creek with tassels from the trees.

About every other cast I was having to clear my fly and leader of tassels. The tassels also acted as a camouflage for the carp and visibility was poor to say the least. Finally working my way to the middle of the creek there was some water on the opposite bank that was clear of tassels but it was also in the shade so this would basically be blind casting.

In blind basting we have to use feel and focus on the leader. We feel for the slightest pressure on our leader and watch for the slightest movement in the leader. Two opportunities came my way in blind casting but two opportunities were also missed.

Downstream the water was sunlit so I worked my way there and cast the black and white clouser against the bank and watched a carp with head down and tail up suck the clouser in.

He wasn't a big fellow but still had a lot of fight in him and effectively unraveled the black and white clouser.

Next came the counter-weighted San Juan Worm Ball and this fly I could actually see much better. The worm ball drew a lot of attention today once it settle on the bottom. Hooking up with one dandy of a carp I walked him to the opposite bank in hopes of getting a picture but upon banking him he flip-flopped and took the worm ball with him. That was my last worm ball and barely have enough vernille to tie another.

Next came a yellow and white with red cut-throat clouser tied just this morning. This fly also was easy to see and as it sank to the bottom on an early cast a titan of a carp sucked as I set the hook. This carp gave the most remarkable fight I've yet to enjoy on the carp crusades. Six or seven times he made long runs of fifty or sixty feet. Finally I was walking him to the bank and only a foot from the bank he wrapped around a fallen tree limb. Still intact I reached down to try and easy my tippet off the limb when he spooked and took the fly of this morning's handiwork with him.

The black backstabber didn't attract anything but tassels and then another black and white clouser was presented but after clearing the clouser nine times out of ten casts I gave up to wait for the tassels to disappear... hopefully soon.

The hedge clippers went with me today to clear the entrance to the creek of the many thorny vines before Charlie or I, or anyone else, trips and falls or rip our waders to shreds.

Going to put the crusades on hold for a few days to give the hands a chance to heal. Weather and water cracked I find them bleeding daily. Too much fishing I guess. Nahhh... there's no such thing.

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