Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Marriage Vows And Carp

Yesterday afternoon, carp numbers eighteen and nineteen came to hand.  One fell for the Mysis Shrimp - the other for the Curvy Crazy Charlie in white and silver. 

Today, Carol and I are to marry at 11 o'clock.  At 8 o'clock this morning I had carp number twenty of this season on the reel.... courtesy of the Mysis Shrimp.  About thirty minutes later, number twenty-one and I said hello, and, yes it was the Mysis that did the dirty work. 

Carol and I have known each other for forty years and we are indeed best friends.  So, it is past time to make our relationship "official" and get hitched and stitched.

Now, for a honeymoon... it was Carol, not me, that suggested camping at our beloved Blue River.  I swear to you this is the absolute truth - it was Carol's idea.  Of course I hopped on that suggestion like a duck on a June bug. 

But, we had nearby storms last night and the sky is threatening today.  Our camp-out honeymoon trip will be delayed.  Sunday and Monday also looks stormy, but we both have a week off and we'll get to Blue sometime this week.

I am so very thankful that both of us share a lifetime love for the outdoors.

Since we can't get to the river Blue and start the honeymoon, we made other plans.  Carol loves Red Lobster and I like Bass Pro, so a trip to Oklahoma City, leaving our rural settlement behind, will be made after the ceremony.

I do need to get some more material to tie more Crazy Charlie's and Mysis Shrimp. 

Preacher just called and he's getting ready.  Guess I better get out of these waders.


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Barry and Carol, a TEXAS size CONGRATULATIONS.... Dean