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Blue River Fly Classic
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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

On The Prairie Ocean - Knives

Knives hold a certain fascination or appeal to many of us.  To the outdoor sportsman, the knife can be an invaluable tool.  For over two million years now, the knife has proven to be a wonderful tool that often meant the difference in surviving or not.

Personally I only had one incident in all my years in the outdoors that a knife actually saved my life, so it's easy to understand why knives are so dear to me. 

The first knife I come to own came courtesy of my grandfather - he presented me with a Schrade Walden.  Next came a Case and then it seemed to be one Barlow after another - Barlow's seemed to be quite the rage at that time in my life. 

When my grandson Tanner came along he also developed a fascination for knives and so we've been picking one or two up, now and then, here and there.  We probably have around 100 knives right now. 
This is one of my favorite knives.  I picked it up at a garage sale for a lark.  It has some problems in it, but still I love it.  My favorite kind of knife is one that can be used in the outdoors.  A knife that can cut, dig, chop, and is easy to sharpen.

These are what I call "show" knives.  They're the kind you usually get as a gift and they are more suited to "look at" than to use.  We probably have fifteen of these sets in our collection.

These little pen knives have been with me for probably close to fifty years now.  They were handed to me by my grandfather and mother.  They are quite sentimental.

Everyone loves a pocket knife.  Sure wish I would've held on to every pocket knife I ever owned. 

A hand crafted knife picked up at a mountain man rendezvous.

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Robin said...

We appear to share a common affliction Barry. I will have to post few photos of mine at some point.