Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Conversations With Carp - Conversation Piece

Well, it was nice while it lasted - the beautiful weather that is. 

Today, the local carp creek is up about two feet and running a light chocolate brown.  Most of the morning this area was under a flash flood watch and the rain did indeed come. 

This time last year it was a matter of not enough rain and this year it's a matter of a little too much rain at the times the rain have come. 

So, the carp by fly life at the local creek will be on hold for another week, maybe ten days.  However, the rain will be good for the long range carp outlook and we should have sufficient stream flow to get this part of the prairie ocean through the long summer.

Plans were to pursue the carp today, but time was spent on the vise creating conversation pieces for another day when the creek gets back to normal.

At the vise a pattern called the War Pony was created.  This pattern is named after the horses that served Indian tribes during battle and when hunting game.  Many of the tribes would paint their horses with symbols and colors that often consisted of red hues, burnt oranges, white, and yellow.  Symbols such as zig-zag lines were painted on the horses and the symbols told stories. 

For this pattern I choose burnt orange, brown, and yellow.  Over the last several seasons, burnt orange or another hue of orange has seemed to be favored by the carp of Rock Creek.  The Carpolo Charlie carp fly is tied in a number of bi-colored schemes, but the top producer is the one that includes the color orange. 

As soon as the creek settles down I plan on taking the War Pony and sending it on it's maiden voyage in search of conversations with carp. 


Gregg said...

Hi Barry,

Great minds converge! That is very similar to Chris's Carp Candy from Colorado, except he uses a rabbit tail and wing, the latter tied a bit differently, but a casual glance shows the same fly. It will work I know. I tied some of Chris's up and have yet to try them much. Finally an 80 degree day possible tomorrow, going out then. My waters lack your fish #s but I have plenty of chances. Texas really needed rain, I think they are getting it also.


Barry said...

Just looked the Carp Candy up and dog-gone what I tied does look like that pattern. Never thought of using rabbit but that makes sense. Hope it fishes well. Did you get your cast off yet? Good luck on the water Gregg.