Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Conversations With Carp - Talks Broke Off

There should be pictures here.  There's not. 

There should have been carp to hand today.  There wasn't.

At the carp creek today it would be all blind fishing.  The creek still has yet to clear and is running the color of beef broth.  Blind fishing was the only option. 

Three times today the War Pony would find a carp... or the carp found this fly.  Three times today a lengthy conversation was begun.  Three times today, the carp suddenly broke the talks off.  The War Pony barbless creation didn't hold the beeves. 

One carp must have been a real beast.  The War Pony was sent to the beef colored sea with a cast that ran parallel to the east side bank.  Here, the water is about three and a half feet deep.  While making one inch strips, the fish picked the fly up and ran.  It was upstream, then down, then back up never leaving this deeper off-colored water.  Several attempts to hoist the fish toward the surface proved fruitless - the fish wouldn't budge.  The rod was bent almost in half and finally the fly pulled out. 

The two other carp were caught across the way - about thirty foot on the far bank near an inflow.  Both of these fish ran with the fly also.  The last carp seemed a sure bet and wading into the creek to work the fish downstream to the shallows, the fly let go.

There are days like this.  There have been days like this in the past and there will be days like this in the future.  It goes along with fly fishing for carp.

It's disappointing the creek has yet to clear.  Of course as far as clearing, each passing moment is in the angler's favor.  The problem here right now is three days of severe weather ahead and that could mean more rain. 

These days when a trip to the creek is planned, the Stimulator is always the first pattern tied on just in case the blossom sipping carp are active.  For the most part, the blossom sippers seemed to be off the surface feeding.  But, I remain hopeful. 

With the Stimulator, there have been nineteen dial-up's and nineteen disconnects. 

Monkey... on the back.  Monkey... must go.


Gregg said...

Well Barry, at least you had good action. Did the hook straighten? I find if it is well embedded in that perfect fly holding mouth it stays there unless it bends. Good you tied up the new fly, encouraging!


Barry said...

Yeah, the hooks are not made of real sturdy material it seems. May have to change hooks and see what happens.